Thank you for submitting information to be communicated to the Gayton community. Please read the information below before submitting your event so you will understand where and how your event/serve opportunity may be communicated:

Communication Policies

Glance + Weekly eNews

The Glance and weekly e-mail features 3 areas of content:

  • Front page article
    This is reserved for churchwide ministry opportunities or ministry emphasis (ie, highlighting workout classes and recreation events in an article about Sports Ministry). This is coordinated by the Director of Communications and Ministry Staff.
  • Page 2 highlights
    As space is available, additional opportunities will be highlighted on page 2 of the Glance, and below the highlight article in the weekly eNews. Typically, an upcoming event will be highlighted in this space at least once prior to the event, although this is not guaranteed.
  • Upcoming Events
    As space allows, events will be recognized by date, title and link to more details. This is typically done 4-6 weeks in advance. Weekly eNews only: the “Next 10 Days” section will feature all church events occurring in the next 10 days, with links to the online event page.


Highlights during the welcome in Sunday’s worship services are reserved for select all-church events in order to keep our announcements brief.

Welcome Displays + Posters

Welcome displays feature a rotating sequence of 4-6 images. You may request a spot on the welcome display, and opportunities will be posted in priority of:

  • All-church events
  • Significant ministry events (retreats, special events, etc.)
  • New ministry opportunities (a ministry-sponsored new event, class, etc.)

Posters in the building are reserved for all-church events, with one exception: Gayton Kids have one spot throughout the downstairs hallway. If space is available, the Director of Communications may highlight one significant ministry event.

Website Home Page

The rotating block on the homepage of the website highlights Sunday worship, all-church events and major, public events only.


All events will be posted to the Events Calendar upon submission of the form below. Events will also be highlighted on the sidebar of your ministry’s page.

Note: information for Midweek, Sunday School or other multi-session offerings will be publicized in a coordinated manner.

Significant upcoming events will be featured on the “next 5” event section of the homepage.

Serve opportunities will be highlighted at, in the Grow+Serve section of the menu, and (where applicable) on the applicable ministry page’s sidebar.

Social Media Accounts

You can request a highlight on Gayton’s social media accounts which will be coordinated by the Director of Communications along with other requests and the publication calendar.



Submit Event/Serve Opportunity Information

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Recurring Dates
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If at Gayton, please indicate a room number. If outside of Gayton, please provide the full address

Please provide any details you would like to be communicated about this event/opportunity. Write as though your registrants have never been to Gayton and provide all the necessary details!


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