LifeGroups are small groups (typically 6-12 people) that gather on a regular basis to discuss matters of faith and journey together in following Jesus. Each group is sized with deeper discussion in mind, and is facilitated by a leader whose goal is to engage the whole group in conversation about faith. LifeGroups generally circle up their chairs for conversation. All lifeGroups at Gayton are Bible-based. Some study a Bible passage each week, while others use a book or short video to prompt discussion. Many of our lifeGroups meet during Midweek at various locations, including homes, restaurants, and our facility.

How do I join a lifeGroup? LifeGroups function differently than learning communities. Members share at a deeper level, so lifegroups are not designed for new participants to just drop in. However, there are intentional entrance points three times a year at Gayton. In January, May and September, new members are welcomed to groups that have capacity. If you desire to join a lifegroup at another time during the year, please email for help connecting.

Can I start a lifeGroup? Absolutely! To discuss starting a new group, please send an email to LifeGroups.

Can I join more than one lifeGroup? Since we desire for everyone to have the opportunity to engage a group, and since lifegroups are limited by size, we request that you pick only one lifeGroup experience. Also, lifeGroups offer a depth of relationship that is difficult to maintain in more than one setting. We’ve found over time that the most effective way of engaging a lifeGroup is by going deep in relationships in one setting.

Find a description of LifeGroups that are currently open to new members by exploring the links below. To learn more about joining a LifeGroup, email LifeGroups.

Couples’ LifeGroups

Women’s LifeGroups

Men’s LifeGroups