Our City

Throughout Our City, Gayton is involved in numerous ministries, sharing a Good Word and doing a good deed along the way. See how these projects help Gayton reach out into Our City with the love of God.

Care Ministries

Link: Food Ministry

Each week, volunteers encourage guests of our Food Ministry as they help to provide nutritious food so families can serve good meals throughout the week. During 2013, our food pantry distributed over 1,250 bags of food to hundreds of neighbors in need.

Donations of food and resources from the Gayton family, coupled with additional food from the Central Virginia Food Bank and donations from local markets and restaurants, enable the Food Ministry to keep the shelves stocked and help families get back on their feet.

In addition to the Food Ministry, the Care Ministries team helps to provide clothing, household items, job assistance, prayer, relationship, and other support as requested.

“I am a single working mom barely making it on a teacher’s salary. I just recently had child support reduced which will cause me to struggle to put food on the table and pay bills for the next few months until I can rearrange some things in order to make my money go farther.” -actual e-mail


“I only visited the Gayton Food Pantry once during a really difficult time, but the prayer and support were very important to my family. Recently, I called to let everyone know that I have gotten a job…we are a pantry success story.”


Volunteers and donors are always needed.

Want to discover more? E-mail the Care Ministries Team at Care@GaytonChurch.org.


Toolbox Ministries

Link: Project Request Form

Gayton has a long history of sending teams on construction/repair projects around town and across the country.

The Toolbox Ministries truck is outfitted so volunteers have basic tools at hand to complete any kind of project. In addition to semi-annual large projects, Toolbox Ministries maintains a list of volunteers ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in our local community.

E-mail the Toolbox Ministry Team at Toolbox@GaytonChurch.org for more information on how to be involved, or use the link above to request that Toolbox Ministries assist you with a project.


Rebuilding Together Richmond rebuilding together 2015

Rebuilding Together: Richmond 2016
This year the home in need was Norma’s, a sweet, elderly woman with mobility issues and arthritis in her hips and rebuild 2knees. There were several safety issues with Norma’s  home and with an overwhelming volunteer response, we were able to correct every one of them. NARI members Leo Lantz and Brian Henley installed new wiring and moved the bathroom switch to the wall just outside the bathroom. We installed a handrail on the side steps of the house, replaced a dilapidated fence and gate and reworked a small brick walkway that had become uneven and unsafe. We improved ground drainage on the front of the house with gravel and fill dirt provided by Tom Sprouse. A1 Concrete Leveling raised the front step which, due to the poor drainage, had sunk around two inches, creating a difficult step for the homeowner. On the beautification side we removed dated AstroTurf from the front porch and side steps. We added flowering herbs and mulch to Norma’s  seven planter beds. We also replaced the clothesline cord and installed new bathroom and back porch light fixtures. During the wrap-up tour Ms. Lipscomb commented on how nice everything looked and how she appreciated the safety improvements, particularly the handrail off the side door, the absence of which made her dread taking the garbage out each week. In all there were thirty five volunteers, the most for a Gayton led Rebuild in several years. My personal favorite was the youth that were able to serve at this event, the youngest of which being nine year old Ashton, who enjoyed chipping old mortar off of walkway bricks with a hammer.
Thank you to NARI and A1 Concrete Leveling for their support as well as all of the Gayton volunteers for their hard work.
Eric Butterfield

rebuild 1

Grassroots Projects

How is your small group or Bible Study at work on mission? Would others be interested in joining you? Tell us what you’re up to and how we can help!

E-mail Raj Prasad, Our City Coordinator at OurCity@GaytonChurch.org.