Kristin Prasad

Kristin Prasad

Interim Financial Administrator
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Kristin was born in Massachusetts, and spent her growing up years just outside of Chicago and Boston. Though raised in the north, she has been a southerner since her early days at the University of Virginia, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Master’s in Teaching. Her husband’s job brought them to Richmond, where she worked full-time raising their young children before joining the staff team in January of 2002.

Kristin first joined the Gayton staff as the Director of AGAPE Preschool. In August of 2006, she became Kids’ Minister, and in December of 2008 added the responsibilities of Minister of Operations. In April 2012, Kristin added coordination of ministries to kids from birth through eighteen and their families.  In 2017, she became Executive Pastor, adding administrative oversight of the church to her responsibilities.

Kristin is married to Raj and has three fabulous kids, Alia, Kaya, and Tyrnan. Alia is a graduate student at JMU, Kaya speaks Chinese and French to anyone who will listen at Grinnell College, and Tyrnan entertains friends with his tenor sax in the marching band at Freeman High School.

In her spare time, Kristin enjoys spending time with family and friends, gardening, reading, and (yes, it’s true) creating spreadsheets. She’ll tell anyone willing to listen about why U2 is the best rock band ever.